In our restaurant, on the first floor, you will find the most typical regional home cooking.

COntinental breackfast from 8:45 to 10:30h

Lunch: Monday to friday not holidays, menú 17€ + vat

Saturdays and Sundays, Menu (average price 30 €)

Banquets up to 50 people
We recommend, from our traditional menu:

  • Escudella (thick mixed broth)
  • Sopa amb brosses (traditional meat soup)
  • Esqueixada de bacallà (famous cod salad)
  • Carns a la brasa (grilled meats)
  • Peus de porc (pig’s trottes)
  • Fricandó (beef in a sauce with peas and mushrooms)
  • Bacallà fregit amb diverses guarnicions (fried cod with several side-dishes).
  • Músic (traditional dessert: moscatel, nuts and dried fruit)

All these served with the best wines from the famous Priorat and its surrounding area.